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#016: 01/21/2018

February 2018 Market Outlook

Becareful, this is a stock picker's market. Focus on value and reality and you'll make plenty of money in 2018! ~more~

#015: 01/06/2018

2018 Economic Outlook: Dow 25,000

If you thought 2017 was good. 2018 may wind up spoiling your rotten! ~more~

#014: 12/02/2017

Dow Jones Spikes Over 24,000 For the First Time!

Market Outlook 2017 November; U.S. Stocks May Be Peaking! ~more~

#013: 10/14/2017

2017 3rd Quarter Economic Outlook

The Risk and Opportunity Ahead ~more~

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#016: 02/08/2018

Take Profits on WYNN $165 June Options Recommended on

We'll jump back in on the long side as soon as WYNN dips back to ... ~more~

#015: 01/29/2018

The Feathers Are Flying!

WYNN is a Screaming Buy! Buy these in the Money Call Options and leverage the inevitable bounce back into some juicy profits! ~more~

#014: 01/21/2018

RDUS Breaking out and our April $30 Call Options are now up over 100%!

Time to jump in on this small Wall Street financial! It's trading for $1.4 billion discount! This is your chance to turn $3,000 into as much as $20,800! ~more~

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#007: 09/16/2017

You Should Have Made Another $2,600 On My Latest BlueBird Bio. Recommendation!

Here's what to do to make more money. Updates on RDUS and YY. ~more~

#006: 07/23/2017

We just took a 28% profit in 60 Days, lets do it again!

This Biotech could dip to just $91 or even to $84 after vaulting over $120.Here is how I recommend you handle both a modest pull back and a Trump Scandal Panic that could happen any day. ~more~

#005: 06/24/2017

Radius Health (RDUS) is starting what appears to make a big move!

Keep an eye on your 300 shares of RDUS. I may be recommending to take profits or more likley to sell some covered call options against your shares... in a matter of weeks or even days. ~more~

Latest Special Reports

[Special Report #010]


Serial Killer - 3 Companies on the Verge of Curing Cancer That Could Be Commercialized in the Next 48 Months

Get ready for some incredible breakthroughs in medicine and science that will change the world we live in for the better. ~more~

[Special Report #009]


UPDATED! Science Fiction Discoveries That Could Make You Rich

! Five companies with disruptive technologies that sound like they’re right out of the pages of a science fiction novel ... but are actually much closer to reality than most investors realize. ~more~

[Special Report #008]


Rack up gains of 250% to 1000% leveraging the Regenerative Medicine Revolution!

There are some amazing miracles ahead in medical science. Restorative Medicine will allow people to live much longer and high quality lives. ~more~

[Special Report #007]


Good Morning Wall Street: Sneak Peek

Here's on of the world's best institutional analysts run down on the U.S. Stock Market. Focusing on sentiment, Phil Errlanger take on the market is one of the most accurate available. ~more~

[Special Report #006]


Tom McClellan warns: "Treasury-Bund Spread Gives Early Warning of the End" of Bull Market on Wall Street

Tom McClellan in my opinion is one of the best market timers in the world for stocks, commodities and currencies. This week he issued this special update regarding the current bull market on Wall Street. It's going to end. Not now but soon. ~more~